We Are...


Destiny Leadership Institute (DLI) is committed to providing access to top quality ministry and leadership training at very affordable tuition rates. Our tuition averages less than $200 per course, which is a fraction of the cost at similar institutions. This is made possible as a result of our management strategy and the generosity of our covenant partners who subsidize the cost of operation to help keep tuition rates low. 

Tuition costs:

2 Year Ministry Diploma: $1,000 per year.

Advanced Certificate Programs: $750 per certificate.



We recognize that our students have careers, family, and ministry obligations. Therefore, our program is designed to fit well into even the most demanding lifestyle and schedule. It is built to be flexible, while at the same time, structured enough to keep students on track. In this way students can balance their study schedules with other responsibilities as they integrate systematic learning into their daily lives.


The DLI courses are not merely self-guided, correspondence classes. Students regularly collaborate and communicate with students and instructors from here in the US and around the world, while they serve and apply what they are learning through DLI in their local church or ministry settings. Each course is divided into bi-weekly units, so that every two weeks a new section of course materials opens for students to read, study, contemplate, and complete their various assigned tasks. All units incorporate a variety of interactive elements, such as class chats, threaded discussions, and video lectures.

We Have...

Outstanding Teaching

At Destiny Leadership Institute our philosophy is to merge quality academics with real world ministry experience.  We believe that the impact of this type of education in the life of the student can be extraordinary. Our curriculum is designed to provide students an overview of Bible, theology, and leadership coupled with a clear understanding of servant leadership and the challenges and opportunities associated with real world ministry situations. Well-respected and knowledgeable instructors, who are experts in their fields, guide students through the course materials. Students are also given the opportunity, through mission trips and educational travel, to study abroad in places like Africa, Asia, Central and South America and the Middle East.

Hands on Training

DLI is designed so that our students gain practical training in the field of ministry service and leadership in conjunction with their academic studies.  As students study through DLI, they also serve the local church or ministry where they live, under the supervision of local leadership. Their service is then evaluated through self-evaluation forms, papers synthesizing ministry experience with course material, internship-themed discussion boards, and feedback from students’ pastors and leaders who provide oversight.  

College Credit

DLI Students can earn up to 36 transfer college credit hours towards a Bachelors of Christian Leadership Degree from Ecclesia College, our strategic educational partner. And upon completion of Core 1 and Core 2, they also become eligible to apply for licensure and ordination through the Destiny Church and Minister’s Network. DLI students can work towards fully accredited degree programs from the comfort and convenience of their own homes and computers, through our innovative online learning environment that is designed for collaboration and interaction.

  • "My DLI experience was great! I have a family, a job and feel called to the ministry. Going away to Bible College just was not an option. Through DLI I earned a Ministry Diploma while I served at my local church. I loved the way DLI uses the latest technology to make learning flexible and convenient."

    Roger Powers, DLI Alumni, The Gathering Place Church, AR

  • "DLI has helped strengthen my confidence in leading as Campus/Senior pastor of Covenant Church Moses Lake. My meditation and study of the word of God has improved immensely. It was so interesting to see God continue to grow my ministry as He does so well, and provide for me a way to receive this education while already being a pastor. Thanks to DLI, I now have a new level of confidence when speaking with friends and other pastors, as well as speaking from the pulpit in Moses Lake,  and wherever else He would use me."

    Jeff Wallace, Senior Pastor, Covenant Church Moses Lake, WA